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For a world where people
sit better, together

We are Sitzfeldt

We’ve been dreaming of a world where people would sit better, together. So we started Sitzfeldt, almost a decade ago in Berlin.

The Sitzfeldt founders: Siblings Clemens Deyerling and Anna Köppen and their best friend Julius Martini.
The Sitzfeldt founders: Siblings Clemens Deyerling and Anna Köppen and their best friend Julius Martini.

No other piece of furniture shouts home and family as loud as the sofa. It’s the place where we all get comfortable together. That’s why everyone deserves the sofa of their lives.


Our mission was to improve the lives of our customers, one sofa at a time, produced sustainably in Europe. And without price increasing middlemen, we were able to offer the best sofa at the best price possible. So now we can say: Mission accomplished. Before Sitzfeldt, there was just a giant gap in the market between overpriced luxury sofas and rather average pieces, far from comfortable. We’ve changed that and put all our love and passion in creating the perfect sofa for you.



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Uncompromisingly comfortable
Best quality

We love sofas! With every decision we always opt for the higher quality option. This means, you can be sure to always get the best quality for a price that’s 100 % fair.

Sustainably made

From the start, we’ve insisted on minimizing our carbon footprint. We believe in buying less, buying better and buying in Europe. The wood we use is sustainably forested and our leather has been awarded the German Blauer Engel environmental label.  

Healthy partnerships

Our partners share our standards and commitments to quality, responsibility and fair pricing. We are proud of these relationships and cherish the mutual values.

The Sitzfeldt family

Happy people make happy sofas. That’s why we prioritize the happiness of our colleagues as well as of our customers and create healthy spaces with good vibes.

Happy Customers

We can’t wait to be part of your life. Get comfy with us and order stress free online. Delivery and returns are free and if you have questions, just ask our customer service. We’re always here for you.

There is life
on the sofa!

"Life is too short to sit on a bad sofa."
Julius Martini, Sitzfeldt co-founder
Eight hurrahs for our sofas
Covers made of
natural materials
Low carbon
beech wood frame
forested wood
Award winning
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